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Time marches on

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: Bill St. George Respond

Las Vegas celebrated 109 years in May and the state of Nevada celebrates 150 years in October. This may seem to be a lot of years, but Dover, Del., became the first state of the future United States of America in December 1787. The first permanent English settlement in the New World was Jamestown, founded […]

Goodbye to a Legend: Steve Rossi (May 25, 1932 – June 22, 2014)

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: John Stuart Respond

With each passing year and decade, the marquees that line the famed Las Vegas Strip tell us something about time. I remember coming to Vegas in 1983 when my father, John Stuart, started Legends in Concert, the tribute production show with the likes of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Buddy Holly. The show headlined at the […]

Allegiant Airlines: Vegas’ hometown airline soars

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: John Stuart Respond

Las Vegas has been home base to many startup airlines that have come and gone. National Airlines was the last carrier to close up shop in 2002 with its fleet of Boeing 757′s. In a business with so many swings from rising fuel prices to economic flux, it’s little wonder why the airline industry is […]

Resort World: Emerging from the hurricane

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: John Stuart Respond

The Las Vegas Strip is proving once again that it has staying power when it comes to maintaining its position as the world’s No. 1 resort destination. Economic devastation abruptly halted the building boom in 2007, leaving many mega-resorts unfinished. The huge cranes became frozen in time as billion-dollar projects like the Fontainebleau and the […]

Vegas’ High Roller niceties

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: John Stuart Respond

Las Vegas has always been the crème de la crème when it comes to casino-style gaming. Sure, there is Monte Carlo and Macau to lure the big players. But when it comes decadence and pure luxury, Vegas still reigns supreme. World-class nightlife, shopping and dining from the globe’s greatest chefs turns heads of the rich […]

The Steak House Classics

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: Charlie Palmer Respond

As a young chef working at The River Café in Brooklyn, I had a front row seat to the most exciting show of New American cuisine. But that didn’t stop me from gravitating to old school steakhouses when I felt the need to celebrate. One of my favorites was Peter Luger, decorated with oversized beer […]

Muy Caliente! El Dorado Cantina opens

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: Shelley Stephanek Respond

El Dorado Cantina has opened in the space connecting to Sapphire’s on Industrial Road. Once a sushi house, the space has been totally remodeled and upgraded to a very appealing lounge, entertainment area and great restaurant. Big enough for 180, the front of the house can easily accommodate 90 for a luncheon or event where […]

Nevada/Arizona Water Rafting

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: Zeenath Haniff Respond

Summertime in the Southwest paints a picture of arid deserts where even snakes and lizards hide from the scorching heat of the sun. The only greenery to be seen for miles is the occasional lone cactus and some small bushes that survive and, miraculously, even thrive in triple digits. There is, however, a way to […]

Vegas Vacation for All Ages

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: Zeenath Haniff Respond

The Griswolds had the right idea when they packed up and headed to Las Vegas for a fun family vacation. Kids of all ages will bring home fantastic memories from the Entertainment Capital of the World. Rides Stratosphere If you’re not afraid of heights, this is the thrill ride for you and the kids. The […]

How to Use All Five Senses in Las Vegas

August - 6 - 2014 Reporter: Shelley Stephanek Respond

SMELL Capital Grill, that standby favorite for many people across the country, is one tried and true favorite. Nationally known for dry aging steaks on the premises, this marvelous restaurant in the Fashion Show Mall is a great place to come. The Delmonico Steak, 22 ounces, is a bone-in rib eye grilled to your liking. […]

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