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Jimmy Emerson The Biggest Brightest And Best Drag Queen

Posted by admin On March - 2 - 2012

La Cage

By Marla Santos

An Evening At La Cage,  starring Jimmy Emerson, is back by popular demand at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. Jimmy Emerson heads the talented cast as the show’s hilarious emcee,  impersonating Wynonna Judd, Roseanne Barr, Anna Nicole Smith, and the outrageous trailer-trash bimbo, Tammy Spraynette. Impersonating Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Cher, Dolly Parton, The Kardashian sisters: Kim, Kourtney and Khloé, Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Reba McEntire, and Bette Midler, are the world’s top Drag Queens: Brent Allen, Ryan Zink, Frankie Kein, Carlos Rodriguez and Kenneth Rex. The show is fabulous and funny. Jimmy has that kind of incredible sense of humor that draws you to him and makes you feel like you’ve known him all your life. La Cage, one of the longest running shows in Las Vegas, (in its 27th year) is now back at its original venue inside the Riviera after a brief stint at the Four Queens. When Strip Las Vegas Magazine first interviewed Jimmy back in August of  2007, we became an immediate fan of this uproariously entertaining man. Sitting with Jimmy before his show, he tells us that he is overjoyed to be back at the Riviera once again. This time, we delve into some more intimate questions and hear his personal story about his first experience of  transforming himself into a woman through makeup and clothing. Opening up to us, he shares his accounts of coping through difficult times as he was tormented and bullied for being gay. Through amusing tales and heart-wrenching affirmations, one thing’s for sure, Jimmy is a unique talent and a one-of-a-kind man that makes us laugh out loud at the world.

SLV: Tell me about your very first transformation into drag.
JIMMY: During college, I moved in with my friend who performed as a drag queen. He was the first person to teach me. (Jimmy proceeds to hilariously mimic the entire makeup process) “Take a Max Factor Pan Stick and just rub it all over your face and block your eyebrows, too. Then you take a sponge and smooth it all out. It’s moist, so you have to powder it all down with translucent powder and that makes a blank palette. Then you can paint the eyebrows, the eyes, and the colors,” he said. (Jimmy becomes hilariously flamboyant, speedily yipping out the directions like a  Chihuahua on crack) He’d say: “Now shut up and listen. You take this and go like this, and be sure to powder, because some of these queens don’t  powder, and you’ll look ridiculous if you don’t powder. So powder, powder, powder. You need bigger hair, away from your face, because it makes your face look smaller.” (laughter)
SLV: Do you think you would have been a stand-up comic if you hadn’t gone into drag?
JIMMY: Oh yes, I get it from my dad, ‘cause he was always the jokester.
SLV: Tell me about the other impersonators
in the show.
JIMMY: Brent Allen does Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand. Ryan Zink does Reba. Carlos Rodriguez does Madonna and Lady Gaga, but his real look-alike is Jennifer Lopez. Frankie Kein does Lisa Minnelli and Marilyn Monroe. Kenneth Rex is our newest addition and he does Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Cher and Dolly Parton.
SLV: Funny finale?
JIMMY: I saw the best tombstone down in Key West. It said: “I told you I was sick!” (roaring) STRIPLV

Back by Popular Demand, The World’s Most Famous and Original Female Impersonator Show.

Norbert Aleman’s “La Cage” starring Jimmy Emerson
Riviera Hotel and Casino • 7:30pm • dark Tuesdays
For Tickets, Call: 855-468-6748 or visit:
$44.95 GA • $60 VIP

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